Sarah's attic


Sarah’s attic is a website introducing to the Shoah History. It was specifically created for children from age 8 to 12 and respects their sensibility as young visitors. The contents and iconography are carefully intended to suit their emotional and cognitive abilities.


The website was designed and elaborated from questions asked by children in History classes teaching this time period according to the syllabus of the French Ministry of Education since 2002.

- Who were these persons the Nazis wanted to murder?

- In which countries did they live? Which languages did they speak?

- What were their personal experiences?


In order to answer these questions, three sections “Once upon a time”, “Words to my ear” and “In black and white” give keys to understanding the event.


· How to navigate the website?

Sarah’s attic enables children to navigate through the website on their own. Nevertheless, we recommend that adults accompany them on their first visit in order to create a dialog and answer possible questions.

As part of a school or extra-curricular framework, this program can be used in small groups with the guidance of an adult.

· What can be found in the website?

Three sections appear in the homepage.

- In “Once upon a time”, tales give a glimpse of the diversity of Jewish cultures. In order to enter the section, the child clicks on the rocking chair and selects one of the tales.


- In “Words to my ear”, expressions in Hebrew, Yiddish, Judeo-Spanish and Judeo-Arabic open a window on the pluralism of Judaism.

By clicking on the phonograph, the child can hear idioms from the traditional vocabulary of different Jewish communities.


- In “In Black and white”, nine personal itineraries bear witness of the daily life of Jews during the war. By clicking on the photo album, the child can pick and watch one of the proposed life accounts.


Along each personal story, definitions and documents are available to the young visitor.

For teachers and educators, a specific educational section contains additional resources, guidelines and teaching materials.